The following links are all affiliate links meaning if you purchase from these companies after clicking on one of them, I will get a small kickback.

Every product on here is one that I use myself and can recommend without reservation.

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I know, I know, you're shocked that I'd recommend Descript. But yes, Descript is hands down the best video editor on the market and it's getting better every day!
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Castmagic is an AI tool that automatically generates show notes, descriptions, titles, social media posts, and much, much more. All you do is give Castmagic a link to your video or podcast and it does the rest!
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Why I Like It

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AppSumo is my secret weapon in business. It's a marketplace for software. Typically, the software they sell are from brand new startups offering lifetime deals as low as $29. I've replaced over $500 per month in recurring software costs with lifetime deals found here.
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Carrd is the quickest, simplest way to launch a functional website. I've launched 20 websites in a year just to test little business ideas and Carrd is the cheapest, easiest way to do that. In fact, this site you're on right now started as a Carrd site!
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Rest assured when you are on this site that you are not being tracked by Google. Fathom is a Google Analytics alternative that is privacy-focused and way easier to use. Super simple to setup and only gives you the information you need. Plus, the founders seem like great guys. It's an all-around great company and product.
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I've tried most of the major newsletter platforms out there and never found one that clicked until Beehiiv. It's easy to use, the UI is the best in the industry, the free tier is more than adequate for me right now, and it's all around a great product.
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Photo AI is amazing! It allows you to create AI versions of yourself (much better looking versions) using prompts to change your clothing, background, and anything else you want.
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Descript Mastery's community is hosted by Skool. Skool is a dead simple platform that allows you to set up your community in minutes. If you run a business, you should strongly consider having an online community and Skool is a great option for you!
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Recommended Reading for Creators

The following links are all affiliate links meaning if you purchase one of these books after clicking on one of them, I will get a small kickback.

Every book on here is one that I have read myself and has helped me in some way as a creator.

Cover of the book Youtube Secrets by Sean Cannell & Benji Travis


Youtube Secrets is written by two guys who are crushing it on Youtube. They offer practical advice and motivation for getting started and finding success on Youtube.

Why I Like It

The Youtube Formula book cover by Derral Eves

This is the book that first got me excited about the possibilities of creating online. Derral Eves dives into the data of Youtube - what you should be looking at and why, how to analyze and adjust your approach, and so much more.