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Hire us to use Descript to edit your interview podcast, Youtube channel, or course content.

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How Our Editing Service Works

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You shoot the video or record the podcast then send us the raw files along with any instructions.

Video editor focused on editing

I'll edit the content according to your instructions and get you a first draft within 72 hours.

Feedback on a video editing project

Receive unlimited revisions at no extra charge until you're satisfied.

Editing by the hour

To hire a Descript editor on a per-hour basis, reach out to us using the button below.

$100 per hour
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Editing by the Project

To hire a Descript editor on a per-project basis, reach out to us using the button below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our editing service.
What software do you edit with?
Mostly Descript (we are Descript Mastery, after all) but occasionally we'll pop into other softwares for things that can't be accomplished in Descript.
How does this service work?
You send us your raw content (through Google Drive, any other preferred drive, or through Descript itself), your instructions to the editor, and we take it from there! We'll return a first draft to you within 72 hours.
How does billing work?
For hourly billing, we will send an invoice every Friday for time worked since the last invoice.
What style/type of content do you edit?
Our specialty is professional talking head videos, tutorials, interviews, and podcasts. If you're looking for cinematic or high-retention editing, we probably aren't the right fit.
Is there a free trial available?
No, as editing is a very time consuming task. However, check out our Youtube channel to see our style and what is possible with Descript:
click here to see our Youtube channel.
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