Frequently Asked Questions


Course FAQs

How long does it take to go through the course?
The course consists of over 100 videos lessons with a total length of around 7 hours. 

Some students like to take it all in in a few sittings while others just do one or two lessons per day over the course of several months.

So it depends on your learning style, your current experience level, and how much time you can devote to it.
What is the format of the course?

The course is mostly video but there are also text instructions with each lesson. Most of the lessons are screen recordings of the feature being taught.

Many of the lessons also contain links to external sources like Descript's documentation or supporting resources where applicable.

How did you make the course?

100% with Descript, of course! I practice what I preach here.

Every lesson:
- was filmed using Descript's screen recorder
- was edited using Descript
- is hosted by Descript (with the exception of a few that are hosted on Youtube).

How often is the course updated?

That's a very important question because Descript gets updates more frequently than any software I've ever used before!

Because of that, small updates are made on a weekly basis and major updates are made as-needed.

Additionally, I release a new video lesson for every major feature release to show you what's changed.

TLDR, the course is always evolving and updating!

How can I get the most out of the course?

Learn by watching and doing. Then, repetition, repetition, repetition.

I recommend having a project of your own open on one screen and the course open on another. Then watch a lesson, pause it as needed to practice the skill on your own project, and repeat while going through the entire course.

If there is a part you already know, skip it.

If there is something you need to review again, go back to it.

And if something isn't making sense or you have questions, just ask! I answer every inquiry.

How long do I have to complete and access the course?

Depending on which option you purchase, you either get lifetime access or one-year access to the course and it's updates. It is completely self-paced so you can go as quickly or slowly as you'd like.

What language is the course available in?

As of now, it is only available in English.

Does this course cover an introduction to Descript?

Yes! The course is geared toward a beginner to intermediate level Descript user.

What accessibility features does the course offer?

All course lessons include the lesson transcript, optional close captions, the ability to resize the video, and the ability to change the playback speed from 0.5x to 2x.

Do you offer pricing parity on the tuition?

No, but I do have scholarships available. If the tuition is the only thing stopping you from enrolling, send me an email

In your email tell me:
- A bit about yourself
- Where you're from
- What your goals are with Descript

Is it true that you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, I stand behind this course and I will give you 100% of your money back if you're not satisfied for any reason within 30-days of purchase.

Tutoring  FAQs

How do the tutoring sessions work?

Tutoring sessions are 60 minutes long (30 minutes for Quick Sessions) and are conducted over Zoom.

The session is tailored to your learning preference whether you prefer to watch, do, or some combination of both.

Some students come to the session with specific questions or objectives. Others have no particular agenda and say "teach me something cool/useful."

Here is a sample of a full one-hour tutoring session:

Will you record the sessions?

Absolutely! When you are booking the session, you will have an opportunity to opt-in or opt-out of call recording.

If you opt-in, the recording will be sent to the email address you booked the appointment through.

How do I book the session(s)? And when are you available?

After checkout, you will be taken to an appointment booking page to find a time that is convenient for both of us. I usually have same or next-day availability, 7am-8pm CST, seven days a week. (Note: if you book with less than 12 hours notice, I will have to manually approve the appointment.)

Couldn't I learn this myself? Do I need a tutor? Is it worth it?
Yes, of course you can learn Descript yourself.

But let me ask you this: what is your time worth? $50 per hour? $100 per hour? $250 per hour?

You can spend weeks - even months - learning Descript's features and nuances. But, everything will take you way longer than it should. Oh, and you may feel like throwing your keyboard out the window along the way.

Or, you can steal my thousands of hours of experience.

I don't have a way to prove this, but... I believe a one hour tutoring session with me cuts 10 or more hours off your learning curve. If you value your time at $50 per hour, that's a $500 benefit to you per call!

So protect your time (and your sanity) and buy a tutoring package if you're serious about making quality content with Descript.
Can we cover topics besides Descript?

Absolutely! I've helped a number of clients launch successful Youtube channels and podcasts, provided feedback on camera and microphone setup, prepared content marketing strategies, and designed thumbnails. I'm happy to share my expertise on any of those subjects during our sessions.

How many sessions do I need?

Ultimately, that depends on you and your goals.

But here are some recommendations based on experience level:

Recommended Number of Calls by skill level
How soon do I need to use the call(s)?

Within six months of purchase. After that, unused calls expire.

What level of learner are the tutoring packages meant for?

Learning Descript is like learning to drive a car.

At first, it's really hard. You don't know where things are and all the dials and buttons are overwhelming. But, with the right instructor and some practice, it becomes nearly effortless.

As such, this tutoring is geared toward beginners. The goal is to get you from where you are to hitting the metaphorical open-road with confidence!

Is it true that you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, I will give you 100% of your money back if I can't get you to your goals, solve your technical problem, or teach you something new.

Template FAQs

What type of templates can you make?
'What type of templates do you want' is a better question!

Many common tasks in Descript can be made into a template including Youtube intros & outros, interview layouts, captions, like & subscribe buttons, and much more.
How long will it take to make the templates?

Depends on how many you order. For 5 or less, I can have them to you by the next business day.

How do I add the template to my Descript Drive?

Click the template link to go to where the template is hosted online.

Make sure you are logged into your Descript account and are on the Creator or Pro plan.

Then, click the button that says "+ Copy to my templates." Select the Drive where you want to copy it. And you're done! The template is now in your templates and available for you to edit and use however you desire.

Can you teach me how to use the templates?

With each template order I include a screen recording walking you through how to use the template.

Can you teach me how to make templates?

I'd be happy to. I can teach you templates over a tutoring call or you are welcome to enroll in the Templates Masterclass.

Do you offer revisions on templates?

Yes. Every template comes with unlimited revisions until it looks and works exactly how you want it to.

Is it true that you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes. I will give you 100% of your money back if you're not satisfied for any reason within 30-days of purchase.

Job Board FAQs

When will the job board be public?
It's currently in beta with a handful of Descript editors and creators seeking their services (see table above). We've already got a few success stories with finding editors work. The official version will be available in early 2024.
How does it work?

It's really simple.

For editors: Talented Descript video and podcast editors can create a profile and post their services for hire.

For creators (employers): You will have access to the database of editors. You can find ones you'd like to reach out to, begin a conversation with them, and proceed to hire them if they are the right fit.

What does it cost?

Nothing! This won't always be the case but while I'm testing the idea and getting editors on board, it's completely free to create an account and start messaging.