🎶 Add AI Music to Your Projects

Ross Zeiger
April 23, 2024
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Hey everyone,

These emails contain helpful content creation tips and news as well as the latest updates to the course and to Descript itself.

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Today in 5 minutes or less:

✔️ Creator Tool: Generate Music Using AI

✔️ Future of Video: Adobe Firefly & AI Editing

✔️ Descript Tip of the Week: Understand the Descript Project Structure

✔️ Descript News & Updates: Version 88

Generate Original Music for your Projects

[not sponsored or affiliated, just something I’ve been having fun with the past few days]

Udio is a free tool that generates original music based off a text prompt.

For example, I told it “generate a song about a company called Descript Mastery that teaches people how to use Descript, pop“ and this is the result.

Pretty cool!

The [Near] Future of Video

This video about Adobe Firefly has been taking the internet by storm.

In the near future, you’ll be able to add and remove objects in your videos just by selecting them, generate original b-roll, and even change the clothes of the people in your video.

Tip of the Week - Project Structure

Here’s a quick video on understanding the Descript project structure:

YouTube video by Descript Mastery
Breaking down the Descript Project Structure

Descript News & Updates

Version 88 of Descript is here! This marks a shift in Descript’s focus from constantly pushing out new and unpolished features in favor of focusing on fixing bugs and stability.

Here’s what you need to know:

YouTube video by Descript Mastery
New Descript: The company is Shifting Focus

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Ross Zeiger

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