Course Version 3.0

Ross Zeiger
November 29, 2023
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Hey Descript Masters,

Exciting news! The course has been overhauled and expanded [again]. We are now on v3.0.

I hope you love it. I’ve put hundreds of hours over the past many weeks into making it better for you.

If you already bought the Descript Mastery course, you will receive a link and login instructions for accessing the new platform in a separate email.

You will continue to be able to access the old platform for now but know that those videos will no longer receive updates.

Ok, let’s dive in!

A view of the new Descript Mastery course homepage

Today in 5 minutes or less:

✔️ Descript Tip of the Week: Screen Recording Tip for Mac Users

✔️ Descript News & Updates: Version 77 has arrived

✔️ Course Updates: MAJOR Updates + New Platform

✔️ Content Creation News: 3 links from the week

Descript Tip of the Week

YouTube video by Descript Mastery
Bonus Screen Recording Tip for Mac Users - MacOS Sonoma and Descript

Descript News & Updates

Version 77 is here! With it comes lots of changes and improvements.

Here’s what you need to know:

YouTube video by Descript Mastery
Version brings Bulk Organization, Find & Duplicate, and Playhead Memory

Course Updates

Updates, additions, and improvements to the Descript Mastery course. [note: videos with links are cross-posted to Youtube. Ones without links can only be found on the course]

🆕 New

  • Version 77
  • 6 net new lessons including expanded FAQs and AI tool videos

⭐️ Updated/Improved

  • 35 lessons (almost half of the course!) have been updated and improved so I won’t list them all here

Events & Announcements

Webinar: On the last day of every month, I host a free live webinar going over Descript questions, updates, and workflows. To register for the November webinar (happening tomorrow!), sign up on Eventbrite:

“Descript is awesome…but it’s infuriating”

I hear this every day. It’s why this company exists. To solve the infuriating part.

If there is ever anything I can do to help you with Descript, don’t hesitate to reach out.

And keep in mind, the fastest way to level up your Descript skills is through one-on-one tutoring. If that’s of interest, check out my tutoring packages.


Ross Zeiger

Creator News and Tips

🧥 Some brands are using extraordinary customer service to go viral on social media. Like North Face:

📺 Compilation of some of the best ads from the week:

🤖 The 9 AI Actions released by Descript so far. Many more to come!