Descript + Zapier Integration

Ross Zeiger
November 6, 2023
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Descript just keeps getting better and better. I'm seeing more professional editors switch over from legacy softwares every week.

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✔️ Descript Tip of the Week: Setting up a Zap between Google Drive & Descript

✔️ Descript News & Updates: Ask AI Tool gets better

✔️ Course Updates: 2 new lessons; updates to the timeline tools

✔️ Answered Descript questions from the week

Descript Tip of the Week

If transcriptions are an important part of your workflow, you may find yourself wishing you could just drop files in bulk and have them all uploaded for later review.

Well, it turns out you can!

With an easy [and free] Zapier Zap, you can drop files in bulk into Google Drive or Dropbox, send them to Descript, and automatically get them transcribed.

See the video below to learn how to do it.

YouTube video by Descript Mastery
How to Set Up a Zap Between Google Drive and Descript

Descript News & Updates

Descript rolled out some very cool new AI features late last week!

One such feature is AI Show Notes which will automatically generate a short summary of your video or podcast based on the transcript. You can then take that summary and use it as the episode’s description, post it to your website, or use it on social media to promote your new content.

Another new feature is AI Youtube Description. It generates a description for Youtube including keywords for SEO and discoverability and timestamps based on key topics in the video.

If you haven’t played around with the Ask AI tool yet in Descript, give it a shot! It’s a game changer for video editing and Descript tells us they are going to be adding tons of new capabilities to it in the coming months.

Course Updates

Updates, additions, and improvements to the Descript Mastery course. [note: videos with links are cross-posted to Youtube. Ones without links can only be found on the course]

🆕 New

⭐️ Updated/Improved

  • Timeline tools section

Events & Announcements

Webinar: On the last day of every month, I host a free live webinar going over Descript questions, updates, and workflows. To register for the November webinar, sign up on Eventbrite:

Job Board: I’m excited to announce my latest project: a niche Descript editor job board to match creators with Descript editors. To get on the waitlist as an editor or as a creator looking to hire an editor, click here.

Training: There are now packages available for one-on-one Descript tutoring sessions. Prices range from $65-$80 per hour (cheaper per call as the size of package increases).

Creating Creators

My mission here is to create creators through Descript.

I want to help more people learn Descript than anyone else on the internet.

So please, if you have questions or feedback on how to make any of my products better, including this newsletter, don’t hesitate to let me know.


Ross Zeiger

Questions from the Week

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🤷‍♂️: Has Studio Sound moved?

🪐: Descript Support Is Like Communicating with someone on Pluto