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You can get the entire Descript Mastery course (which includes the Templates Masterclass) for an extra $175. Interested?

Descript Templates Masterclass

Templates are the most important skill for quickly leveling up your content and this course is everything you need to know to master them!

In this course, you will learn how to make and apply the four different types of Descript templates:

  1. Descript's Built-in Pre-made Templates

  2. Copying & Pasting Layouts

  3. Creating Templates from Existing Scenes

  4. Creating Templates from Scratch

The instructor, Ross, is a gifted trainer who has trained hundreds of students of all levels on how to use Descript.

The course is short and free of fluff. After all, why take a six hour course when you could take a 30 minute one?

The Descript Templates Masterclass is laid out in a way that is proven to get results:

  • First, you will watch a short, clear video lesson to understand the skill.

  • Then, you will have an opportunity to practice the skill in your own project.

  • If you don't understand something, you can pause or rewind the video, start over, and try again until you've achieved mastery.

Whether you're new to Descript or a veteran, you can expect to spend about 2 hours watching the lessons and practicing the skills.

By the end, you will be editing faster and with greater consistency than ever before!

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What People Are Saying:

This was excellent value per minute ;). Very much appreciated.

Rob F.

Ross is a great instructor and walks you through step by step how to work within Descript. Even though Descript is quite user-friendly, I still need help with some of the more complex operations. I have tapped into Ross' instructional resources over and over. He has definitely helped me advance my Descript skills. Thanks, Ross!

Marlit H.

Superb straightforward descriptions of the template process. One of the best video course instructors.

Anastasia S.