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The Descript Mastery course is a project-based program for the absolute beginner. All 90+ lessons have assigned tasks and drills so that you get practice as you progress through the curriculum. By the end, you'll have completed projects of your own.

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Complete projects of your own while going through the course.


Every lesson has action items so that you can practice what you learn.


Ask questions or leave comments directly to the instructor.

What You'll Learn Inside of the Course

Intro to Descript & Editing

Setting Up Descript

Install Descript, pick the right settings, pick the right plan, and get familiar with the terminology and user interface.

Getting Started

Troubleshooting common Descript issues, keyboard shortcuts, and where to find Descript documentation.

Editing Theory

What makes for good editing, how to find creative inspiration, and motivation to get started.

Descript Core Skills

Creating Your First Project

Setting up your first project, importing media, creating scenes, and understanding project structure.


Learn what layers are and how they work and how to adjust them.

Transcript Editing

Learn how to transcribe your project, how to delete parts of the transcript, and how to correct the transcript.

Advanced Descript Skills

Fades, Animations, and Transitions

Learn how to create fades, animations, and transitions for more exciting and dynamic videos.

Titles & Captions

Learn how to create titles and captions in your projects.


Learn how to work with a team of editors using Descript's built-in collaboration features.

AI Features & Automations

Meet the Underlord

Overview of how to get the most out of Descript's Underlord.

AI Audio Editing

Use Descript's Studio Sound and other AI Audio enhancement features to perfect your audio.

AI Video Editing

Use features like Green Screen, Center Active Speaker, and Eye Contact to make your videos that much better.

Other Sections


Learn Squadcast best practices so that you can record quality remote interviews.

Third-party Tools

Learn how to use and integrate third-party tools to get the most out of Descript

Publish and Export

Learn best practices for fast and efficient publishing directly to platforms like Youtube, Transistor, and Buzzsprout.


Descript Templates Masterclass

Included with the Descript Mastery course is the entire Descript Templates Masterclass where you'll learn how to create, edit, and apply templates.


Access to the Descript Mastery community to ask questions, get support, and attend live weekly Q&As.

Active Instructor

At every step of the way, you can reach out to the instructor and get quick answers and support for anything Descript or content creation-related.

Descript Mastery

Unlock the full potential of Descript to create content that engages and inspires.

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Get Instant Access for $250
Get Instant Access for $250