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Are you struggling to learn Descript?

Maybe some of these sound familiar...

Nothing works how you expect it to.

You've wasted time that could've been better spent creating content.

Watching tutorials about video editing is like studying a foreign language.

The documentation and help articles leave you confused

All the tutorials move too quickly and don't explain what they're doing

You're afraid to make a mistake and mess up your project

If that's you, this course is your solution!

By the End of the Course you will:

Know how to turn your raw audio into studio-quality masterpieces using tools like Studio Sound, Compressor, Ducking, and others.

Know the fastest way to add images, videos, and audio files to your project and how to use Descript's built-in library of stock media.

Be able to publish directly to Youtube or your podcast hosting platform for immediate distribution to your audience.

Possess the skills to build a second income through freelance editing or through monetizing your podcast or Youtube channel.

Master the art of using sound effects and music to enhance your content using Descript's built-in sound library as well as external sources.

Have the confidence to conduct remote interviews in 4K using Descript's integration with Squadcast. Replace Riverside, Zoom, Meet, Teams, etc.

Use Descript to screen record for video messages, software tutorials, and employee training. Replace softwares like Loom, Quicktime, OBS, and Camtasia.

Save hours of your time with Descript's auto transcription feature and AI tools to automate script editing, social media posts, blog articles, and newsletters.

Know how to use the built-in AI features to get ideas, outline and write scripts, find social media clips, and automate tedious tasks.

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Why this course?

Ross, Founder of Descript Mastery

Hey! I'm Ross. Founder of Descript Mastery and the creator of this course.

I'm a course addict. Whenever I want to learn a new skill, I find the best course on that topic and dive in. I've been through many excellent courses over the years....and some really bad ones.

Unfortunately, there was no one teaching Descript in an engaging, beginner-friendly way.

So, I started making tutorials for Youtube which lead to people asking for one-on-one Descript tutoring. Around the time I went full-time with teaching Descript, people started asking for a course.

Here it is.

This course is designed from the ground up for the beginning Descript user. Most people who enroll in this course have never edited in their life. With that perspective always in my mind, I provide slow, clear explanations and walk-throughs in all of my lessons.

This course is also meant to be hands-on. It's meant for you to learn by doing in the form of completing projects of your own as you go through the materials.

By the end, I'm confident that you'll be ready to go off on your own and create amazing content!

What You'll Get

You'll receive access to video lessons, interactive exercises, and real-world projects to help you master Descript.


Descript Core Skills

Short, functional lessons on 100+ different Descript features.
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Templates Masterclass

Everything you need to know to create, edit, and apply templates.
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Practical, hands-on tutorials for different types of common projects including: screen recording, Squadcast, audio-only, talking head, multi-camera interviews, and more.
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Version Updates

Every time Descript releases a new version update, we release a new video showing you what's changed. (One new video per update)
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What Our Students Say

WOW, I really like the course. This is a comprehensive package all in one place. I highly recommend this course to learn all the features this software has to offer, so you can hit the ground running!
Nancy M.
Thank you so much for such easy-to-understand tutorials. I SO want to be empowered to edit my own videos and not depend on an editor. I was thrilled to find this course!
T. C.
Ross is a great instructor and walks you through step by step how to work within Descript. [This course] has definitely helped me advance my Descript skills. Thanks, Ross!
Marlit H.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions people often ask about the Descript Mastery course.
Can I preview the course?
The best way to get a feel for the pacing and style of the instructor is to check out the 115+ videos we have on Youtube. Some videos from the Youtube channel are also in the course.
How often is the course updated?
With Descript courses, do not trust one that isn't up-to-date! 

Descript is constantly changing and as such course updates are made on a bi-weekly basis and major updates are made as-needed.

Since first releasing this course in August 2023, most lessons have been updated an average of four times!
Who is this course meant for?
The course is geared toward a beginner-level Descript user with little to no editing experience and/or who doesn't consider themself a "technical" person.
What is your refund policy?
All video lessons in the course are downloadable and as such cannot be returned. As such, we are not able to offer refunds.

However, to prevent disappointment or dissatisfaction, we offer two ways to minimize any buyer's regret:
1) Prior to purchase you can review our 110+ free videos on Youtube to understand if the style of the instructor is a good fit for you. Additionally, you can check out our free 7 Days to Descript Mastery email course which will get you about 60% of the skills of this course.
2) If after purchasing you are unhappy for any reason, please contact us and we will go to great lengths to solve problems and address any issues you experience. Let us know if you are having any problems at
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