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Learn the Techniques and Best Practices to Create Stunning Videos and Podcasts using Descript.

What You'll Learn

Descript. That's all we teach here.

The Descript Course

Don't waste time searching for answers online or struggling through trial and error. This course provides instant access to clear explanations and useful workflows with guidance from an experienced instructor.

This course will empower you to...


Learn the fastest ways to add images, videos, and audio files to your project and how to use Descript's built-in library of stock media.


Use Descript to screen record for video messages, software tutorials, and employee training. Replace softwares like Loom, Quicktime, OBS, and Camtasia.


Learn how to turn your raw audio into studio-quality masterpieces using tools like Studio Sound, Compressor, Ducking, and others.


Know how to use the built-in AI features to get ideas, outline and write scripts, find social media clips, and automate tedious tasks.


Possess the skills to build a second income through freelance editing or through monetizing your podcast or Youtube channel.


Be able to publish directly to Youtube or your podcast hosting platform for immediate distribution to your audience.

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Personalized Descript Tutoring

Get One-on-One Guidance from an Expert to Master Editing with Descript.

Tutoring sessions are..


Receive tailored guidance and feedback from an experienced Descript expert who will help you overcome specific challenges and achieve your goals.


Schedule sessions at a time that suits you, with flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy schedule.


Learn how to apply Descript's features and techniques to real-world projects and scenarios, ensuring you can apply your new skills to your own projects.

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