About the founder

Ross Zeiger, founder of Descript Mastery

Hey! My name is Ross, I started Descript Mastery because I love teaching and I love Descript.

Originally from Washington state, I majored in History at the University of Washington. After college, I started my career as an officer in the US Marine Corps. After I left active duty, I became an entrepreneur.

One of my businesses was business brokering and Youtube was my main source of marketing. I would film and post educational videos related to my field then people would watch my videos, get value from them, build a level of trust with me, and hire me. Sometimes after watching me talk for just a few minutes!

After about a year of running that business, I was having a lot more fun making the videos than helping people buy businesses. (Spoiler: those videos were made with - you guessed it - Descript!) So, I began doing freelance video editing on the side.

Then, something I never expected started to happen.

My editing clients started to ask me to help them learn Descript. And thus was born Descript Mastery.

This business has grown out of what people have asked for. It started as one-on-one coaching. Then, I got some requests to make a course. Then, some clients asked for custom templates, referrals to Descript editors, company training, and even technical support. Now, you can find all of these services and more on this website.

With thousands of hours of experience using Descript and hundreds of satisfied students, whatever your goals are with Descript and content creation, you've found the right guy!