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What Tutoring Students Say

5 Star Rating

"One hour of tutoring with Ross at Descript Mastery was worth every penny, and I’ll be booking more time with him. While there are plenty of tutorials that come with Descript, and you can find many YouTube tutorials, being able to work with Ross in real time on a project to learn the finer points of Descript was invaluable. He was able to not only answer my specific questions but give me pointers and suggestions that I can now take forward with me on future projects. He’s a patient tutor who could make sense of my confusion - which is a huge strong point for a tutor!"

Christy Y.

5 Star Rating

"Hey Descript users...just had a great session with Ross! Super helpful and helped me get out of creative stagnation. Highly recommend his services! He was prepared, professional, and really knowledgable. Thanks Ross!"

Caleb B.

5 Star Rating

"Ross was very detailed with his explanations and taught me a lot in the short time we had. It gets me started with my podcast in combination with video. I was amazed about the possibilities of Descript and just recently it was extended with Squadcast and even for this I received some info to get started. Thanks Ross for the lesson!"

Winnie W.

5 Star Rating

"Ross was SUPER helpful and knowledgeable about all things Descript. I had been spinning my wheels on the Descript help page and watching other YouTube videos trying to figure some things out and was getting VERY frustrated. I had even hired an “expert” from Upwork to try to solve a problem I was having with a fundamental feature of Descript who couldn’t figure it out. Ross figured out the issue immediately and gave me two great workarounds. I got a TON of value out of just one hour of tutoring. Highly recommend!"

Brian S.

5 Star Rating

"Ross is great. He helped me w/ Descript. Knows the system very well. Gave me some insight to social media, too. Definitely recommend him for whatever you're considering. Shockingly, there weren't many/any other people who offered this service. So, fortunately, he knows what he's doing and charged a very fair fee."

Phil G.

5 Star Rating

"If you want CLEAR and USABLE information about Podcasting, Ross is your guy! He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, very easy to communicate with and approachable. I had questions regarding equipment and use for podcasting and he answered all, and explained so I can be successful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Cyndy I.

5 Star Rating

"Just had another tutoring session with Ross and in one hour, he just blows my mind with how much more efficient I could be. Plus he also gives me ideas on how to add more style to my video. If anyone is looking for 1 on 1 help to get the ins and outs of Descript, highly recommend working with him."

Ex P.

5 Star Rating

"Ross is extremely responsive and an excellent problem solver. Very grateful he is my sherpa through the sometimes confounding terrain of Descript video editing!"

Jamie M.

5 Star Rating

"Ross was incredible. If you are working with Descript you NEED to work with Ross. He's super knowledgable, friendly, diligent, generous, and hard working. He'll get the job done right and make sure you're extremely happy. I know I am! Thanks Ross! Will be calling you for all my Descript needs!"

Alex T.

5 Star Rating

"Ross is a superb and patient teacher. He knows his field, is generous with his knowledge and paces the session extremely well. All opposable thumbs up!"

Kristen M.