Descript Course - from Beginner to Master in 7 days!

Jun 16, 2024

We are excited to announce that the updated version of our 7 Days to Descript Mastery email course is ready for enrollment! As always, it's completely free. All we ask is for an email address to send your lessons to.

To enroll for free, click here.

This mini-course is provided in the form of one daily email, beginning the moment you sign up.

Each email contains a lesson in text and video form followed by an assignment so that you can practice what you've learned.

I recommend you work on a project of your own but if you don't know yet what you want to create, I'll assignment a project to you to work on as you learn the core skills of Descript.

Here are the lessons you'll receive:

Day 1: Creating your first project

Day 2: Understanding Layers & Scenes

Day 3: Editing Audio

Day 4: Basics of Video Editing

Day 5: Transitions, Animations, & Effects

Day 6: Advanced Skills: Templates & Sequences

Day 7: Publishing & Exporting

Oh and did I mention: it's free!

Check out the Descript Mastery course - a project-based, hands-on course designed to take you from beginner to professional content creator without the tech headaches.

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