Descript Preview - First Look (New app reaction!)

Jul 10, 2024

Reacting to the new version of the Descript that rolled out yesterday called Preview. It's a combination of the stability of the desktop app and the performance of the web app.



Yesterday. Descript rolled out something they're calling Descript Preview and it's a desktop app. But it has the same benefits as the web app. So you don't have to download all of your media and it's supposed to be faster. The processing of everything is supposed to be faster. So I contact studio sounds, stuff like that. 

We'll apply immediately instead of taking a long time to process. 

and so I have it open right here. It looks exactly the same. This is it. This is. Uh, Descript preview. And this is, uh, the regular Descript, the original Descript. And the way I can tell is these, have these download buttons. So this is media. That's not downloaded to my computer's hard drive, but if I go over to the Descript preview, I don't have that because I can just open up any one of these. 

I can just click on it. And I'm inside of the project. And so it's taken a little bit a while, a little while to load the. The visual there. But what they're telling us, and I'm seeing this for the first time right now. 

So this is, this is me reacting to Descript preview. If I click on a layer. Let's see, I don't even have the option for studio sound right there. 

Let me try a different one. That might not be a good example. Let's go to word this media. 


That popped up right away that already had studio sound applied, but let's try. I contact. 

 It's still has to load. 

 And it's really short file anyways. 

 Okay. And it's done so that wasn't much faster. It was only an 18 second file, but it still took a while to process that I'm going to play around with this throughout the day. 

I'm going to report back my findings. In a future video. 

But if you want to download this, it's free, you can use it with all, all your Descript normal plans, and I'll leave the link in the description. 

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