Descript Templates Masterclass

Jan 19, 2024

By popular demand, the Descript Templates Masterclass is now available for enrollment!

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The Templates Masterclass is a short yet actionable program that will have you creating templates of your own and completing exercises as you learn the skills necessary to create templates in Descript.

You'll start by learning about the different types of templates and why you should be using templates in the first place.

Then, you'll learn how to make and use each of the four different types of Descript templates while getting a chance to practice the skills on your own template project. 

The final part of the course goes into common misunderstandings, errors, and mistakes that people make with templates.

This is the ONLY course focused on Descript templates on the internet and it's already getting rave reviews by students. Enroll today!

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[UPDATE: The course was completely redone in June 2024 to reflect new UI changes to Descript]

Check out the Descript Mastery course - a project-based, hands-on course designed to take you from beginner to professional content creator without the tech headaches.

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