Do you need a Descript Coach?

company Apr 30, 2024

"It would have taken me months to figure out how to do this on my own!"

That's something I hear from students on a daily basis.

Some students come to me before they've even opened up the software. But most come to me after they've started using the software and felt like chucking their keyboards out the window a time or two.

Descript is one of the easiest video editing softwares on the marketing to use. But video editing is inherently complex.

So while Descript is bare-bones, powerful, and great for beginners, it has lots of nuance.

But that still doesn't answer the question - do you need a coach to learn Descript?

The answer is no. You don't need a coach. But it helps.

I've now trained hundreds of students how to Descript and I believe that an hour with me can save you 10+ hours of frustration.

To most people who have developed mastery in a skill, this is no surprise.

Chances are you, dear reader, have mastered something. Driving. English. A sport or instrument.

And chances are you didn't get there alone.

Don't get me wrong. At the end of the day, it's you who put in the time, focus, and deliberate practice to master those skills. And any human can master any skill with enough of that recipe.

But you probably had a parent, teacher, and/or a coach who guided you through developing each of those skills.

A coach or teacher is most valuable in the beginning stage of skill acquisition. They provide the learner with not only the mechanics of how to do the skill properly (thus preventing bad habits) but they provide accountability and support. They provide encouragement to get started, a path to improvement, and an example of what is possible.

So, I ask again do you need a coach or tutor to learn Descript?

No. But, it helps and you'll thank yourself for the time and hassle saved of figuring it out yourself.

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