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resources Jun 12, 2024

Use the Timestamps to skip around:
00:00 Getting Started with Descript
01:35 Browser vs Desktop App
02:29 Setting Up Your Descript Account
03:10 Non-Destructive Editing
03:54 Version History
06:26 Adding Raw Files to Your Project
07:02 Using Drag and Drop Method
07:22 Transcription Settings and Limits
11:29 Stock Media Library
16:50 Timeline Tools Overview
25:28 Transcription and Speaker Labeling
39:35 Correcting Your Transcript
40:09 Using AI Tools for Transcription
54:56 Jump to Time and Composition
55:56 Highlighting Key Parts
56:28 Creating and Using Highlights
58:00 Organizing Long Projects
58:21 Creating Scenes
01:02:32 Reordering and Adjusting Scenes
01:04:49 Using Markers for Organization
01:07:11 Adding Titles and Captions
01:09:49 Customizing Titles and Captions
01:22:12 Adding Custom Fonts
01:25:45 Using Templates for Captions
01:27:54 Adding Static Shapes
01:33:10 Adding Dynamic Shapes
01:46:11 Creating a Simple Logo in Descript
01:47:18 Locking Layers for a Flat Background
01:48:38 Adding and Managing Audio Files
01:50:33 Adjusting Audio Volume
01:53:50 Exploring Studio Sound
01:58:39 Using Dynamics Tools
02:02:26 Creative Audio Effects
02:05:03 Changing Aspect Ratios
02:08:14 Manipulating Clip Speed
02:14:03 Understanding Layers
02:17:47 Cropping and Reframing Layers
02:27:52 Training AI Speakers
02:31:13 Marker
02:31:13 Applying AI Voices to Projects
02:37:33 Overdub Correction and AI Speaker Labeling
02:37:49 Labeling Speakers in Descript
02:38:23 Color Coding and Exporting Transcripts
02:39:26 Transition Options in Descript
02:40:13 Applying and Customizing Transitions
02:40:58 Adjusting Transition Durations and Effects
02:41:53 Limitations of Descript's Transitions
02:42:15 Creating Animations in Descript
02:42:56 Animating Layers and Keyframes
02:46:02 Ease In, Ease Out, and Custom Animations
02:49:35 Practical Animation Examples
02:52:44 Fading and Crossfading Techniques
02:59:16 Publishing Projects to Descript's Cloud

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