How do I save my Descript project?

descript tips Jul 06, 2024

How do you save your Descript project?

The answer is you don't have to do it manually. It happens automatically.

If you see this little check mark in the top, that's telling you the sync status. So your project is automatically backing up to Descript's cloud continuously. And as long as you see this check mark that says sinked and backed up, everything's backed up. 

You're not going to lose anything. When you close the script. if you make a change, like you select some words, I'll delete this just for demonstration purposes. And it happened just briefly. You see that, that spinning. If you add something like, let me just add a video in here. It says analyzing file. 

And then it right here, you'll see that it's processing, it's uploading it and processing it, putting it up on the cloud. And you can see, you can, even when it is processing, you can safely close your Descript project and that'll finish running in the background. But the answer is you don't have to save your discrete project manually. 

It all happens automatically. As long as you're connected to the internet.


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