How to Add Transitions (In Descript)

descript tips Jul 08, 2024

Transitions in Descript can be applied at the beginning of your project, at the end of your project, or between scenes. 

To apply a transition. Go to the button that says 'scene' on the right side. Inside Scene, there's a section that says transitions, then hit the plus button. And with transitions, you can either choose in or out. 

And that refers to applying this transition to the. Beginning of the scene that you're currently in or the exit of the scene that you're currently in. So if we do in I'm currently in scene one, this is going to be how the video starts. 

You can choose fade, which will be a fade from black, into full opacity of your layers. 

You can do blur across zoom, crossfade dip to color star wipe, wipe. I'm not going to go into all of these, but to apply it, you just select one. So I'll click on cross zoom. And then now if I play it. They zoom in the text and the colors. 

And then the only thing I can do with this is click on the transition settings icon here. And I can change the duration of it. 

It defaults to 0.4 seconds. I can change how dramatic that blur is. It's currently 200% by default, but I can type in a different number there. 100% up to. I think he goes up to. 500%. And then you can change what it is. So if you click on the costume, you can change it to blur. You can change it to. Crossfade let's try that. That's what it looks like. 

And then if I add another one, since I've already added an Inn, I can only add an out now. So it's out across zoom. Once again, it's going to be the same default settings. And then here's what it looks like when I play it. 

Just like that. 

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