Inviting Someone To Your Descript Project

Jul 04, 2024

To share access to a project. Go to this plus button at the top. Enter the email of the Descript account of the person you want to share access with. 

And then you'll select whether they can edit or if they can just comment either way, this won't cost you money. It doesn't create an editor seat. This will only share access with this particular project.

And then you can choose their access levels. 

If project access is required, if they have to explicitly get an email from you in order to access this project, that's what this bottom one is. Anyone with the link, we'll generate a link that you can share and you can copy this link and then they can, they can access this file without being explicitly invited.

Or anyone with the link can comment means they can see the project, but all they can do is comment on it, play it back and comment. 

They can't edit.

So project access required is the most restrictive. And then once you invite them, you could invite to project and that'll generate an email. Where they can then access this project and edit alongside you.

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