Mastering Zooms in Descript with the New Timeline Feature

descript tips Mar 16, 2024

In this article, we will walk you through the process of creating zoom effects in Descript using the new timeline feature.

Whether you're a content creator, video editor, or someone seeking to level up your editing game, mastering zooms in Descript can add a dynamic touch to your videos.

What are Zooms and How Can They Elevate Your Videos?

Zooms are a video editing technique that involves changing the scale of the video frame to bring focus to specific elements within the frame.

By creating zoom animations, you can add visual interest, emphasize key details, and make your videos more engaging for the viewers.

How to Create Zooms in Descript Using the New Timeline

To begin creating zooms in Descript, you need to switch to the New Timeline using Descript Labs. (if you don't know what we're talking about, click here)

Zooming In:

1. Identify the specific point in your video where you want to initiate the zoom effect.
2. Set a new scene at that frame to mark the starting point of the zoom. (optional)
3. Use the forward slash (/) key to create a new scene.
4. Click on the layer where you want to apply the zoom effect, such as the video or title layer.
5. Under the animation heading, click the plus button and select "custom" for granular control.
6. On the new timeline, two diamonds will appear, indicating the start and end points of the animation.
7. Adjust the layout at the first and second diamonds to define the zoom effect duration and scale changes.

Zooming Out:

1. Similarly, identify the point in the video where you want to begin the zoom out effect.
2. Create a new scene marking the starting frame of the zoom out.
3. Apply the custom animation to define the scale and timing of the zoom out effect.
4. Fine-tune the animation settings to achieve the desired visual impact.

Adding Zooms to Different Layers:

You can also apply zoom effects to various layers within Descript, such as GIFs or images, to create a seamless and professional look in your videos. The process involves selecting the layer, adding a custom animation, and adjusting the scale and timing to match the video elements.

Enhancing Animations with Ease Settings

In addition to creating zoom effects, Descript allows you to manipulate ease settings to control the speed and smoothness of animations. By experimenting with different ease parameters like linear or ease in and out, you can add a polished touch to your zoom animations.

Final Tips for Perfecting Zooms in Descript:

- Regularly preview your zoom animations to ensure they align with your vision.
- Experiment with timing and scale adjustments to achieve the desired impact.
- Utilize ease settings to fine-tune the smoothness of animations.


Mastering zooms in Descript using the New Timeline can improve the visual appeal of your videos and give your videos higher retention. By following the step-by-step guide provided here, you can enhance your video editing skills and create compelling content with seamless zoom animations.

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