November 2023 Tutorial

descript tutorial Nov 30, 2023

Every month (sometimes several times per month) I release a Descript tutorial. The reason for these frequent tutorials is that Descript is an almost different tool every few weeks! It updates that quickly.

I look back at the tutorials I made in July and almost every button has been moved, removed, or replaced since then.

So, when you're looking for Descript tutorials, I strongly recommend finding ones that are recent. Same thing with courses. My course has already been through 3 major versions in the ~6 months that it's been on the market.

My tutorial for November was the longest one to date clocking in at 55 minutes.

The target audience for this one is the absolute beginner. Someone who has never even opened up Descript and wants to learn the basics to go from beginner to publishing their first project in a structured way.

My recommended way to use this Descript tutorial:

  • If you have two screens, have the tutorial video open on one and Descript open on the other
  • Go through a project with me. Pause the tutorial video as needed then execute the skill taught on your own project
  • If you're stuck, rewind the video and watch again
  • If you already know something, use the chapters to skip ahead or play in 2x speed
  • And if you need anything or have questions, shoot me an email [email protected]

Here it is. Enjoy!

P.S. If you want to go deeper and actually master Descript, check out the full-length course: click here

Check out the Descript Mastery course - a project-based, hands-on course designed to take you from beginner to professional content creator without the tech headaches.

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