Playing Around with Descript's Underlord - Live session replay

ai tutorial Jun 14, 2024

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Timestamps to skip around:
00:00 Descript Mastery course announcement
05:34 YouTube publishing limitations, use timestamps for chapters.
15:58 Descript includes stock media and helpful ducking.
20:08 Multi-cam identifies active speaker for podcasts.
26:55 Fast results with studio sound for videos.
30:15 Easily create and customize video clips.
33:33 Reviewing new Descript features and templates explanation.
43:52 Descript features include translation, highlights, and recording.
45:00 MacOS Recording Options
51:12 Creating reaction, landscape, and portrait videos seamless.
58:15 Create show notes with time stamps and links.
01:03:52 Using AI tools to generate captions for social media.
01:10:38 Brainstorming ideas with AI
01:12:42 Free templates available, sign up for access.

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