Squadcast Best Practices [downloadable checklist]

descript tips Jan 21, 2024


Squadcast is a remote podcast recording tool that integrates with Descript.

Squadcast was an independent company until August 2023 when it got acquired by Descript.

It's an alternative to tools like Riverside and Zoom.

It allows you to record at up to 4k video and higher quality audio than you can get with other tools.

So what?

If you're already using Descript, it's recommended that you use Squadcast for remote recording.

The reason is that Squadcast makes it simple and fast to immediately transfer your files into Descript for editing as soon as you're done recording.

However, like other remote recording softwares, Squadcast is finicky. If you haven't set things up correctly, it might cause issues with your recording.

As such, we've developed a checklist of best practices for getting the best results out of your Squadcast sessions.

To download the Squadcast Best Practices Checklist, click here.

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