Version 93 of Descript

Jul 03, 2024


Today, a fairly substantial update to de script. So pay attention because there's a lot in here that will affect you. 

The first thing that's different is the de script labs. So I've shown this before on this channel, but if I go into my settings and I go to general right here, there's this section called labs. 

And this is where de script. Put beta features. So you could opt into beta features and they've just temporarily disabled that because there's no beta features in the, in the works right now. And for a while, between the transition of the latest version of the script with the under Lord. You could opt into the older version. But they've gotten rid of that. 

So everyone is officially on the latest version of the script with the under Lord. Moving on. 

The layout has changed. So if I go into a project, like, let me open up this one right here. And I click on a layer. You have to have a layer selected right here. This section used to be called layout. It is now called size and position. So it's purely a naming thing. 

The options in here have not changed. You still have corner rounding, you have the angle, and then you have height, width, and X and Y coordinates. So that has not changed. Just the name of it to size and position. Moving on. 

Number three, regenerate is now out of beta. So regenerate is a feature where I could select a word or a couple words I could go to replace, and then I can hit regenerate. 

And what that's going to do is regenerate those words, using an AI speaker. So if I stumbled over my words, or maybe I wasn't saying something loud enough, I could regenerate it and it would make that those words sound a lot better. That feature is now out of beta, meaning it's going to be a lot more stable and it's going to work a lot better. Moving on the drive. 

So if I go back to my descript drive, And I come down to my workspace when I'm in my project. View, I don't have the option to do bulk actions, but if I come down to my workspace, I have these little check boxes next to the projects. I don't have those check boxes next to the folders. Only the projects and only in the workspace field. And if I click on one, I can rename it from here. I can duplicate that project. 

I can move it to a different folder somewhere in my workspace. I can copy a link directly to that project. Or I can grant project access to somebody. So that's what just one selected. If I select multiple, like I select two or three. First of all, you can see it's highlighted in blue, the ones that have selected. And then the only thing I can do in bulk is move. 

I can move multiple projects at once into another folder. There they say that they're working on the ability to bulk delete and bulk do other options, but. We're not there yet. 

And lastly, the plans, the plans got a major update yesterday. So if you come to descript, this is the page. 

You'll see. And there are now four plans before there was three, there was free, which there still is. There was creator, which is now called hobbyist. There was pro, which is now called creator kind of confusing and there's business, which is the highest tier. At 1224 and $40 a month, respectively. Now if you were already a descript member before yesterday, before July 2nd, 2024. Then nothing will change for you, but if you're a new descript member as of yesterday, then you're going to, the features you're going to get is what's laid out on this page. If you're an existing member you're if you were on the pro plan, for example, and you look at your settings, it's now going to say creator. And then in parentheses legacy. 

So you're locked into the, all the options that you had before these changes. Mostly things are, are pretty similar. Like on this plan, which was the creator plan. Now the hobbyist. You get 10 hours transcription per month. 30 on the mid tier and 40 on the business. You can only export at 10 80 P if you're on the hobbyist plan. I can do 4k on creator and above. And here's the big one. 

You're limited now to 20 uses of AI, including the filler word, removal of studio sound, et cetera. With the creator and above you unlimited uses until now, descript has been extremely generous with unlimited uses of all of their AI. Products, all of their AI features. And then you're also limited to 30 minutes per month of AI speech. 

So that is creating. Text to speech from your voice. And then you get 120 on the creator and 300 on the business. Scrolling down. I'm just going to point out a couple other key things here. With the free with for transcription hours, you get one hour per month on the free plan, 10 hours on hobbyist, 30 on creator and 40 on business. And this has to relate to the time of the files that you transcribe. 

So if you transcribe a one hour audio or video file, it's going to count as one hour against your transcription hours per month. That is. If you have a podcast where you have three different tracks. and each track is an hour long. That's going to count as three hours against your monthly allocation. 

So just be aware of that. A lot of people. Aren't familiar with how that works. And then we already talked about the AI limitations. You get five uses per month on free or five uses, period. It doesn't even say per month, 20 uses per month on hobbyists and then unlimited on creator and above.

 Moving on. You can't use eye contact or translate captions on the hobbyist or below.

 Text to speech. We talked about this 30 minutes per month, one 20 and 300 respectively.

 Recording hours. This has to do a squad cast. So you can do two, 10 hours of recording per month on hobbyist. 30 hours per month on creator and 40 hours per month on business. Templates, you can not use templates if you're on the free plan. So be aware of that. I have free templates available on my website and people sometimes try to download those when they're on the free plan. 

So be aware of that.

 With stock media, you're limited to the first five search results and first 12 search results on free and hobbyist, respectively. Where did you get unlimited? So this is the videos, the sound, all that kind of stuff. Yeah, unlimited with creator and business. Watermark free export only one per month on free, unlimited on everything else. You're limited to seven 20 P on free 10 ADP on hobbyist and then 4k on the other two.

 And then this next one is huge for me. 

So you have five gigabytes of storage on free, a hundred gigabytes on hobbyists, one terabyte on creator and five terabytes on business. I think if you're going to upgrade to business, it's probably going to be for this reason, you're probably going to be creating a ton of content and you're going to need that massive, massive amount of cloud storage. So that's pretty much it with the pricing, check it out. 

See what makes the most sense for you? 

I always recommend people start. As low as they think they can get away with. And on the monthly plan, once you decide that you're going to stick with the script, that it's the tool for you and you get a sense of how much you're gonna use it. You can always upgrade from there and bump up to the annual. That was Virgin 93. If you want to go deeper on learning de script, check out the Descript. Mastery course link below.

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