What is ducking?

descript tips Jun 27, 2024

It has nothing to do with amphibious, bird-like creatures.

Ducking is way to automatically reduce the volume of all sound layers other than the layer it's applied to.

Here's how it works:



Here's a Descript project without ducking applied. 

You probably can't even hear it, but there's a script layer where I am talking in the background. So ducking can fix this. If I click on my script layer, I go to layer on the right side and I toggle on ducking. And if I click on this setting thing here, it says the amount is 10%. So what this is telling me is every sound layer other than the one I applied it to is going to be reduced to 10% of its full volume. So now what was covering up my voice. Should be a nice gentle background music. 

Let's hear how it sounds. The brave browser. Brave. 

Again, my voice is still super quiet. So I'm just gonna raise that. 

And browser. It's based on the same. Foundation, but the music is much quieter and it'll only the ducking will only apply to parts where there's actually speech detected. So if I go to the beginning, it'll start loud and then it'll fade out. Once the talking begins like this. 

Number one. Use brave browser. Brave. And at the end as well. If it goes from talking to no talking the musical Raiders. So I only subscribed to one at a time.

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