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What are Descript Templates?

Templates are a way to save certain settings and effects so that you can apply them to your Descript project with the click of a button.

Examples of common things that are made into templates:

- Layout settings (height, width, position)
- Youtube/podcast Intros & Outros
- Text style for captions or titles
- Interview/multi-cam settings
- Zooms in and out
- Sound effects
- Animations
- And much more

Note: You must be on the Descript Creator or Pro plan in order to use templates.

Descript Templates Masterclass

The Descript Templates Masterclass is everything you need to know to create templates in Descript.

Only 40 minutes long, most students complete the video lessons and assignments in around two hours.

It's a worthy investment of time for a skill that will save you from having to manually create frequently used elements in every project.

You can enroll today through Udemy.

Alternatively, the Descript Templates Masterclass is included for free as part of the Descript Mastery Course. (The core curriculum is identical whether you go through Udemy or get the full course on this website.)

Order Custom Templates

For a flat $25 per template, get made-to-order Descript templates for your podcast, Youtube channel, course, or any other type of project.

Here are examples of the most commonly requested templates:

- Youtube/podcast Intros & Outros
- Text styles for captions & titles
- Screen recording layout
- Interview layouts
- Sound effects

In short, for any repetitive task you find yourself doing in Descript, I can make a template for it to save you hours of hassle.

To order your custom templates, use the form that pops up on the right side of this page. If you aren't seeing the order form, send me an email with your template specifications
Note: You must be on the Descript Creator or Pro plan in order to receive and use templates.

I also have free pre-built templates available above. Or, if you'd prefer to learn how to make them yourself, check out the Templates Masterclass.

More Descript Template Resources

In addition to the templates offered above, here are some more template resources for you:
- Templates Masterclass: Included in the Descript Mastery course or available separately on Udemy
- On Youtube: How to Use Descript Templates
- Blog articles: Introducing the Descript Templates Masterclass

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions people often ask about Descript Mastery templates.
What type of templates can you make?
'What type of templates do you want' is a better question!

Many common tasks in Descript can be made into a template including Youtube intros & outros, interview layouts, captions, like & subscribe buttons, and much more.
How do I add the templates to my Descript Drive?
Click the template link to go to where the template is hosted online.

Make sure you are logged into your Descript account and are on the Creator or Pro plan.

Then, click the button that says "+ Copy to my templates." Select the Drive where you want to copy it. And you're done! The template is now in your templates and available for you to edit and use however you desire.
Can you teach me how to make templates myself?
I'd love to! I can teach you templates over a tutoring call or you are welcome to enroll in the Templates Masterclass.
Can I get revisions on custom templates I order?
Yes. Every template comes with unlimited revisions until it looks and works exactly how you want it to.
Are there any restrictions with templates?
The big one is that you must be on the Creator or Pro plan in order to use templates. The other big restriction is simply the limits of what can be made with Descript in terms of animations, graphics, etc.
How long does it take to get completed templates?
Depends on how many you order. For 5 or less, I can have them to you by the next business day.
Can you teach me how to use the templates?
With each template order I include a screen recording walking you through how to use the template.
Is it true you have a satisfaction guarantee?
Yes. I will give you 100% of your money back if you're not satisfied for any reason within 30-days of purchase. You can even keep the tempates :)
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